Werko Australia Stock A Large Range Of Disposable Coveralls, Suitable For A Whole Range Of Activities, Including Spray & Liquid Protection, Clean Room Use and Asbestos Removal.


HI CALIBRE SMS TRIPLE LAYER COVERALLS TYPE 5 & 6| For Asbestos Removal & General Splash Protection (Most Popular)

HI CALIBRE MICROPOROUS SEALED COVERALLS TYPE 4, 5 & 6| For Water Proof Environments, Asbestos Removal, Forensic, Insulation & More. Very High Protection

HI CALIBRE MICROPOROUS WHITE COVERALLS TYPE 5 & 6| Water Resistant Environments,Asbestos Removal, Forensic, Insulation & More, High Protection Breathable Fabric

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Genuine High Calibre Disposable Coveralls SMS Type 5-6

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Genuine Disposable Combat Polypropylene Coveralls 100% Polypropylene

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Genuine High Calibre Advanced Micro-Porous Disposable Coveralls Type 4, 5 & 6

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Calico Spray Hoods 10 Pack HCH573


Genuine High Calibre Advanced Micro-Porous Disposable Coveralls Type 5-6

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