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Maxiguard Half Mask Silicone General Purpose Kit with P3 Carbon Cartridges R7500

$ 70 exc. GST

MaxiGuard A1 Organic Vapour Cartridge R701

$ 12 exc. GST

MaxiGuard Prefilter Holder 2 Pack R510

$ 3 exc. GST

MaxiGuard P3 Carbon Particulate Filter 1 Pair R200

$ 21 exc. GST

MaxiGuard P2 Particulate Prefilter 10 Pack R7N11

$ 15 exc. GST

Maxiguard Full Face Silicone Respirator with Twin A1P2 Filter 690P

$ 180 exc. GST

Maxiguard Silicone Half Face P2 Respirator Kit

$ 75 exc. GST
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