Genuine Werkomed Blue CPE Isolation Gown 15 Pack

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Genuine Werkomed CPE Gown 15 Pack


  • Each gown comes individually wrapped
  • Comes in A convenient dispenser box to avoid cross-contamination
  • Is equipped with 2 perforated cut outs to allow for easy hanging
  • Thumb Hooks
  • 2 Ties at Back
  • .03mm
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Genuine Werkomed CPE Gown 15 Pack

What Is A CPE Gown

  • CPE stands for – Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) Isolation Gowns
  • CPE Gowns, also known as disposable gowns, are isolation gowns made up of CPE fabric (chlorinated polyethylene). Chlorinated polyethylene is a material that these gowns are widely used as a protection against infections.

What is the material of the CPE Gown?

  • The CPE Gowns are made up of CPE film whose materials are the LDPE, LLDPE, and the MLLDPE. The content is thick enough to cover the body and firm enough due to the seam seals. These gowns are made in different thicknesses and dimensions, which ensures that the dress is fit for serving its various purposes. The CPE film is also light enough but also thick enough to act as an effective barrier.

The Features of the CPE Gown

  • The gowns provide an effective microbial barrier.
  • The Waterproof.
  • Blood repellent.
  • The gowns are disposable.
  • They are breathable due to the polypropylene material.
  • The Applications of CPE Gowns

    1. Isolation

    CPE Isolation GownsCPE gowns have been used in virus isolation centres. This has been applied to prevent the spread of viruses between patients and doctors or anyone who interacts with them.

    2. As a waterproof apron

    This is mainly in restaurant kitchens. The gown is waterproof. For this reason, any spillage in the kitchen prevents the water from spilling on the cooks or those involved.

    3. Food factories

    The water-repellent feature makes it suitable for this environment. The gown prevents any water from spilling on workers. Food factories are one sensitive environment. Any infection would lead to fatal cases not worse. That is the reason why the CPE gowns can be used in food factories to prevent bacterial infections and spread them.

    4. Hospitals

    In hospitals, the gowns are used as protection between the doctor and the patient this is to say, a Medical Operation Gown. Accidents in the operation room are not rare, and some are fatal so massive blood spillage is involved. These gowns are blood repellent which makes them efficient.

    The gown also acts as a way of preventing infections and maintaining sanitation since it’s a hospital. The CPE gowns are used to avoid any spread of bacteria and viruses from doctors to patients and vice versa.

    5. Nursing care

    Product Genuine Werkomed Blue CPE Isolation Gown 15 Pack 5 WerkoSpreading viruses and bacteria can be secure in any place, and this is no different in nursing care units. The gowns can be used to prevent any spread of bacteria between nurses and patients. The dresses also ensure sanitation in the nursing care units.

    6. Veterinary clinics

    The need for sanitation in a clinic will be catered for by the CPE gown. The place needs proper hygiene too, and the CPE gowns are an efficient tool to ensure this.

    7. Pharmaceuticals

    Since these gowns prevent the spread of viruses, their application in pharmaceuticals is efficient to avoid contact spread of germs and bacteria. For a pharmacist, they wouldn’t appreciate a patient visiting them only to leave them with the task of finding themselves a doctor. The gowns also help them maintain proper sanitation in the working area.

    What role did CPE Gown play during the COVID-19

    1. Taking tests

    When making the specimens to the labs for testing, hand hygiene, respiratory masks, and full-body covers are needed. The CPE gowns have been doing great work in ensuring this.

    2. Contact precautions

    The CPE gowns have helped in taking caution and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus from the patients to the health workers. Surgical masks, hand hygiene, and glove, as well as full-body covers, are being used to prevent the spread of the virus.

    3. Airborne precautions on the virus

    The gown has been used to keep proper sanitation and maintain hand hygiene and full body covers.

    What kind of people need to use CPE Gown?

    CPE Gowns With Thumb LoopsDue to the various uses of the CPE gown, the gown can be used by anyone who wants to prevent him /herself from virus infections. The dress also needs to be used by doctors in surgical rooms. Pharmacists also need to use these gowns to protect themselves from pharmaceuticals. Vet doctors also need to use this gown for various reasons such as sanitization and preventing infections in their centres. Any place that requires upholding proper sanitization such as in food factories, nursing care units and areas such as kitchen restaurants need the people working in those places to use this gown.

Full-length disposable isolation gown, polyethylene, impervious with thumb hooks and ties at
the back

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  • Product size – 84cm x 150cm
  • Product weight 35grm
  • Box Size -22.5cm x 10cm x 17cm
  • Box Weight-0.84 kg
  • Carton Size – 54.5cm x 19cm x 24.5cm
  • Carton Weight – 4.3 kg



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